Malar - The Devils Promise

6'0'' Silver Eyes; Long raven black hair


Possesses a birthmark on the back of his right hand that perfectly matches the five pointed star of Asmodeous.

Malar, is rude, poorly mannered and has little regard for the lives of others unless their lives serve some purpose in his plans. Although he is not highly intelligent, he is a cunning and creative killer. Strangely, Malar can often be caught having one-sided conversations with himself as if there was someone else speaking to him.


It is said the concept of “Absolute War” is considered a philosophical construct. Impossible to achieve in practice because it is not directed or constrained by political motives or concerns, nor limited by the practical constraints of time or space.

80 years ago the Kingdom of Talingard was a place of free worship, and many (rightfully) devoted themselves to the “The First”, “Lord of the Pit”, “Prince of Darkness”, Asmodeus.

Chief amongst his devout was a noble family of diabolists. When Darians guided by the false god Mitra conquered the land and began the witch hunts, and systematic execution of Asmodeus’s worshiper this noble family of diabolists made the rare but powerful “Thrice Dammed Pact.” In return for the souls of the next 3 generations in the family line, Asmodeus would grant a single request. Revenge and the destruction of the House of Darius.*

Asmodeus is patient, well planned and true to his word. The time has come to make good on the deal, and what better way, then to let the great grandchild of his favorite house in Talingrad fulfill this promise with his own hands, and blades.

It wasn’t hard to place the child into the care of an assassin cult. “He who walks in blood” specializes in the elimination of false gods. Years of brutal training have now produced a trained killer that simply goes by the name of Malar.

During a final test of his skills, Malar was instructed to kill a ranking member of the church of Mitra. Malar’s ambition got the best of him however. While he was successful in his task, his method included burning down entire cathedral, with its full congregation locked inside. Malar is skilled but still green, and the dogged pursuit of Mitra’s witch hunter Sir Balin of Karfeld eventually led to his capture. Charged with the crimes of arson, blasphemy, heresy and ultimately mass murder, Malar has been sentenced to death by way of burning. It seemed the only appropriate punishment given the weight and nature of the crime.

Malar has little fear of death. His soul was spoken for long before he was ever conceived. His only goal is to send as many souls as possible to Hell before he gets there. He will honor the Thrice Damned Pact, made generations before him, and he will do it by wading through the blood of ANYONE whose death forwards this single goal.


Malar - The Devils Promise

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