Rupert Hagiros


A boy appearing of no older than 10 years old. 4’10" tall and lithe. His skin is pale as if it has never been kissed by the sun. His hair the darkest black and his eyes nearly black to the point his pupils are hard discern from his irises. It makes his appearance unnerving even more than his demeanor commands. That demeanor is a combination of poise, a vision that seems to see well beyond the world most comprehend, and a knowledge that is far too great for any child to possess.


Banished to the prison of Branderscar to await his execution, Rupert remained poised as if nothing could possibly phase him. It would have been unnerving to anyone that wasn’t already a tried criminal. Rupert’s crimes as he would go so far to tell is that he posed too much of a threat to the church’s influence. He was not a heretic per se; but his strong belief in The Whispering way, and his eloquent skill in imparting knowledge and wisdom, made many people feel strongly toward the same belief in true life beginning with death.

Rupert Hagiros

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