Timeon - the Unfortunate

the little bitch-squire


Timeon has been a squire, most recently to the late Sir Balin, Knight of the Alerion Order. He is young and gullible, and horridly fearful. While once a tool for Thorn to best exploit Sir Balin, Timeon has since been the captive servant of Morgan, who has taken enjoyment in corrupting the poor squire’s mind and faith.

Timeon, when not under the leash of Morgan, has frequently been the target of the tormenting ilk of the White Ravens and Tiadora equally. Still, Tiardora eventually returns the poor squire to Morgan alive with the expectation that when Morgan is done he will properly dispose of the creature. The dread of this looms over Timeon, and had a significant impact on his psychology and faith.

Still, as the weeks have passed and Morgan had still not disemboweled him, he grew to trust Morgan more and Morgan’s own corruption has sent the poor squire down the darkest paths.

Timeon - the Unfortunate

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